Tips and Tricks: Greek Yogurt

27 Jan

Hey everyone!

It’s been a super hectic week, so unfortunately I haven’t had a good opportunity to try out a new recipe to share. However, I recently got an amazing deal on an industrial sized tub of plain Greek Yogurt and thought I would share some of my  new favorite ways to use it 🙂

  • Substitute Greek Yogurt for Buttermilk or Sour Cream in any dressing or dip mix (My favorite: Ranch dip mix). This is a great way to fit some protein in with your snacking while also cutting out fat content
  • Puree avocado and Greek Yogurt together to form your own version of a mayonnaise free, guilt free Aioli!
  • Put a dollop of Greek Yogurt whole grain oats, and ad a touch of your favorite sweetener (I prefer Stevia). This is a fantastic breakfast- your grains and proteins are all in one bowl, and it will satisfy a sweet tooth- what’s better than that? 🙂
  • When I say that this dip is a great substitute for Sour Cream, I mean it. You can swap til you drop! Use in soups, stews, chili, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, tacos- the possibilities are ENDLESS.
  • I also have yet to try this…BUT I found a recipe for Greek Yogurt Frosting through “Cooking in Pajamas”!! Whisk together 1c Greek Yogurt, 1tbs Vanilla Extract, 1/2c powdered sugar, and let it chill for 30 minutes. Apparently, it has the consistency of ganache and, since Greek Yogurt is tangy, has a taste that is similar to cream cheese frosting… (I HAVE to make this!)
  • You can also sub Greek Yogurt for Cream Cheese in any cheesecake recipe! Yum!
  • Who needs Pinkberry or Yoforia? Not you! You can easily make your own frozen yogurt (at half the cost). Simply add fruits or toppings of your choice and some honey, and throw it in the freezer. Success!

What’s so special about Greek Yogurt? Glad you asked!

  • Greek yogurt is strained differently than regular yogurt, giving it a thicker, creamier texture.
  • Greek Yogurt has almost double the protein of regular yogurt
  • G.Y. has fewer carbohydrates than regular yogurt
  • G.Y. has half the sodium content of regular yogurt



Who 'da thought?!

Protein: involved in virtually ALL cell functions and chemical processes in your body. Your body can’t function without it!

Carbohydrates: broken down to form ATP (energy) for the body. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body begins to dip into its protein stores (this is called Ketosis), resulting in a pH imbalance in your body (and a whole separate group of issues). If a diet is telling you to cut out all Carbs, they are wrong. Moderation is key, but your body has to have carbohydrates.


Anywho, I promise that I will be better about being consistent and trying new things to share. Thanks for reading!

Happy Snacking!


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